Thursday, May 31, 2012

Testing.... TESTING.... One, Two, Three!

Why hello there! If you're reading this, that means this experiment was a success, and I have created my first blog! Woot! So here's the deal: this blog will be my own personal one to post anything related to my jewelry, as well as other crafters' designs. I have always wanted to be able to showcase some great artists' works, and this seems like the perfect place to do it! Also, it will provide a place for me to show you what I'm working on for my Etsy shop, how I make things, and hopefully other aspects of the creative process. To get things started I would like to just show you a few pictures of me and the people that matter to me.

This is me:

This is me and my mom:

Me and my dad:

Me and my brother Wesley:

And me and my sister-in-law Jane:

So yeah! That's my family and they inspire me in everything that I do. I might be adding random pictures of my life along the way, and they will always be tagged as "Personal." This is so if you don't want to see them, you can just ignore them. So I hope you like this blog and feel free to give me any feedback you want to. I will read anything you leave and I appreciate it all!

Thanks for reading my first post!


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