Thursday, May 31, 2012

So, you like Game of Thrones? [Etsy Finds]

Who doesn't like Game of Thrones? There seems to be something for everybody. Even if you don't like the gratuitous violence (such as this past week's episode where there was a certain battle scene that caused people to lose their limbs), gratuitous nudity, gratuitous menacing characters, basically gratuitous everything, you have to at least like Tyrion Lannister. If you don't find some aspect of Peter Dinklage's character amusing... Well, why did you read this far? And if you enjoy Tyrion, you might like this. So, without further adieu, here are some Game of Thrones items I found on Etsy that I think you'll enjoy. Beware: some spoiler alerts may be abundant. (All image credits go to the sellers. Click on their names to be taken to their Etsy shops!)

Winter is Coming - coffee mug cozy by KnitnutbyJL $8

Game of Thrones Art Print - Stick 'Em With The Pointy End by ShopofThrones $15

Hand of the King Necklace by Futuregirl $25

The Wall Minimalist Poster by Harshness $19

Stark Valentine/Mini-Print by sophieblackhallcain $6.50

Playing the Game of Thrones Book Page Necklace by AuthoredAdornments $14

Jon Snow T-Shirt by waycooltshirts $20

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors Tote Bag by pastandpleasant $19

Khaleesi Necklace by SpiffingJewelry $26

You Know Nothing Jon Snow - 5 x 7 Illustration Print by NanLawson $10

Adopt a Dire-Wolf Pin-Back by foowahu $1.70

Targaryen Dragons Pendant Necklace by milkool $49

Winter is Coming Bracelet by TesoroJewelry $18

Night's Watch Vinyl Wall Quote by greatwallsoffire $32

Ghost the Direwolf Soft Sculpture by MountRoyalMint $68

Game of Thrones Retro Poster by joneallen $18

And finally, for some humor about poor Ned Stark. (And if that bothered you, you might like this video.):

"My Love for You Lasts Longer than Ned Stark" Card by craftingtiger $5


My Little Pony- Ned Stark by Tat2oodMonster $10

Aren't they cool? Go visit their shops- they have tons more items that you might like!


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